Quality (pre)inspections

At the request of an importer/exporter, producer or insurance company we carry out quality inspections on fresh fruit & vegetables in the production lines and at location of delivery. We provide our customers with insightful information on the quality and condition of their products. Making use of our pre-inspections in the production lines and quality inspections on location of delivery, will give you a better picture on where the defects originate from. The quality can be monitored from farm till store.

All our offices are specialized in quality inspections on location of delivery. In Brazil, South Africa and Egypt we carry out mainly (pre) inspections in the production lines.

What do we inspect?

The inspection will be carried out based on representative sampling, depending on grower, pack date, size indications, varieties etc. Making use of special measuring equipment, we will visually inspect representative samples (boxes) to investigate at least:

  • The external quality which means:
    • Determination of the kind and proportion of minor and major defects;
    • Determination of the common quality image (strong/weak/suspicious/etc.);
    • Determination of remarks about colour and size if applicable;
  • The internal quality;
  • The net weight per box;
  • The product temperature;
  • The sugar content (grapes, mandarins, oranges etc.);
  • The firmness (mangoes apples, pears, plums etc.);
  • The expected shelf life of the product;
  • The box, the conditions, the palletising, presentation, labels etc.
  • Indications:
    • Product;
    • Class;
    • Variety;
    • Country of origin.

Inspection reports

We will check whether the products are accordance with the given specifications, the applicable regulations and/or the prevailing requirements. The inspections are carried out with an application on the iPad. The following data will be processed in the report:

  • All relevant information regarding producer and product
    • Supporting photos
    • A summary which describes the entire shipment
    • State of the pallets and boxes
    • Overall presentation
    • If present, the results of the temperature recorder
    • Statistics relating to the quality inspection and long-term statistics regarding the product

D-Quality Survey movie


International offices and network

In order to serve our clients also globally we have located our offices strategically around the globe where we work with our own inspectors. These offices are located in Brazil, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands and South Africa.

In addition to our own offices we have an extended network of partner surveyors in other countries, which makes DQS your partner at any place in the world.