Another part of our work is advising producers and packing stations. We can offer help and provide assistance on the plantations in harvesting and packing the products. We advise employees on how and what to pack. We also train the quality controllers on site.

Our consultations go beyond just providing advice about products, packaging methods and cooling products during transport and in storage. Thanks to our extensive global network of producers, customers, suppliers and retailers, we can also give advice about the situation in various markets and specific circumstances in production environments. We also have extensive knowledge of the various regulations in the countries of delivery and we pass this knowledge on to the producers.

Consultancy in Namibie

How does a consultation work?

From the start of the process we provide advice on how to introduce the product to the market in as optimal a way as possible. This means that, initially, the product on the plantation is assessed and we provide an indication of what market the product is most suited for. In addition, during harvest, we provide guidance and advice to the production staff about proper packing and pre-cooling.

For example: Not every variety is equally suited for every type of packaging, oversized grapes in punnets can lead to damage for instance. An incorrect temperature setting may also lead to problems in relation to quality. We sometimes recommend a different packaging method in order to realize cost reductions without having a negative impact on product quality. On the plantations, a classification is made during the consultation that shows what products are suitable for what markets. The requirements for each market differ considerably. For example, the color of grapes for the Far East, in comparison with those for the European market.

The purpose of the consultation is knowledge transfer, guiding the process and reducing the risk of claims.

If you are interested in our consultations, please ask us about the possibilities.



Worldwide consultations

In order to serve our clients also globally we have located our offices strategically around the globe where we work with our own inspectors. These offices are located in Brazil, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, The Netherlands and South Africa.

From our office in Dubai we have inspectors constantly in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In Germany we work, beside Hamburg, frequently in Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. In Brazil, South Africa and Egypt we carry out mainly inspections in the production lines.

We can provide consultancy anywhere, which makes DQS your partner at any place in the world.